A Great Review!

7 Feb

We’re really proud to find Sylvia Tan from InSing.com has given Cafe Hacienda a great review for our all-day breakfasts.

“It is hard to find a place for brunch. It cannot be too crowded, nor too hot, nor too loud. It has to be restful and laidback with comfortable seats, if possible, so that we can sit and pore over the weekend papers with several cups of coffee, if we wanted to.

And Café Hacienda fulfils these requirements. “

Read the full article here.

Sylvia Tan is a popular Singapore food writer with seven cookbooks to her name. The latest, Taste is a compilation of her recipes culled from her low fat Asian cooking column, Eat to Live, first published in the Sunday Times.

She also writes on Singapore’s culinary heritage and Singapore Heritage Food is possibly a new food classic. The book describes the multicultural nature of Singapore food, documents the dishes particular to Singapore and the various culinary influences at play over the years.

In this respect, she has given lectures, workshops and cooking demonstrations on the subject and in particular on nonya cooking.
Before her full-time involvement in food writing, she was a newspaper journalist for more than 20 years.


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